Dear sisters and brothers, Pan-Africanist federalist comrades,

Like the rest of the world, Africans on the Continent and in the Diaspora are facing this devastating global crisis linked to the Coronavirus. We are going through extremely difficult times together, which will undoubtedly leave indelible marks on our way of life. This very serious health crisis links our destinies because it transcends borders. The entire African Nation, here and elsewhere, is affected, directly or indirectly. This pandemic is real and should be taken seriously.

However large it may be, the Coronavirus pandemic will be overcome. The fight against this scourge will not be easy, but it will require discipline and unwavering commitment from us, despite the discomforts that will ensue. We must scrupulously follow the recommendations of the competent authorities, especially recommendations related to personal hygiene, but also to self-isolation and social distancing. 

In addition, we must be careful not to fall into conspiracy theories or other erroneous information, which could delay any resolution of the crisis as soon as possible. The time will come to assess, situate responsibilities and to comb through the ins and outs of this crisis, as well as think about an effective strategy that will prevent or contain such a pandemic in the future. For now, our main concern should be to maximize our chances of eliminating this threat for Africans on the Continent and the Diaspora, and for the whole world.

On behalf of the Pan-African Federalist Movement, we urge all to persevere in adjusting our daily behavior, in order to permanently contain this evil.

This evil must, more than any pan-African initiative, unite us, albeit in pain. Better still, it reminds us that our destinies as Africans, our success in facing the obstacles that will challenge us, as well as the Sovereignty of the African people, they all lie in our capacity to achieve political and economic unity on our Continent. "Africa Must Unite Now or Never!" 

Good luck to all

Greetings from pan-African federalists

Mr. Adama Samass├ękou

President of PAFM