UNITED AFRICAN STATES: Accra 2018, a symbolic step towards the unity of Africa


After three years of preparation, the Provisional International Initiative Committee (CIIP) for the realization of the United African States (UAE) in the space of a generation held its first international meeting, from December 8 to 13 in Ghana. This pre-congress took place thanks to the active participation of young people, women, and men, but also high personalities of Africa and its diaspora, convinced of the need to continue the fight of the precursors of Pan-Africanism so that Africa speaks with one voice.

Coincidence is not accidental. 60 years ago Kwame Nkrumah organized the first Pan-African Conference. It was 1958, at the dawn of independence. Apart from Ghana, Guinea, Liberia and Ethiopia (never colonized), no other African country had yet acquired international sovereignty. But African political and trade union organizations had flocked to Accra to share the wills and decisions that were going to contribute to the beginnings of the great future liberations on the continent.

From December 8 to 13, in Accra, hundreds of Pan-Africanists, especially young activists from different African countries and the Diaspora, met in Accra, on the sidelines of the commemoration of the 1958 Pan-African Conference, to launch a initiative which has been maturing for three years, and which should lead to the establishment of the United States of Africa. The dream has lasted for 60 years, the Pan-African Federalist Movement (MFPA) would like to realize it "in the space of a generation".

The Accra meeting was an opportunity to rekindle the flame and send a strong message to all Africans, with the holding of a pre-congress, the outcome of which dedicated the establishment of an International Preparatory Committee called to work on the organization of a congress to commit to the United States of Africa.

The opening ceremony of this pan-Africanist meeting was enhanced by the presence of Ghanaian President Nana Akufo-Addo, the daughter of Nkrumah, Samia, president of the Kwame Nkrumah Pan-African Center (KNAC), ambassadors from Algeria, the Burkina Faso, Mali and Senegal accredited to Ghana and many governmental and customary authorities.

Accra 2018 was the culmination of a long process. Put in 2015 in Dakar, by pan-African activists from Africa and the Diaspora, young people and adults, the MFPA spread on the African continent with the creation of National Initiative Committees (CIN) and Initiative Committees Regional (CIR) under the coordination of the Temporary International Initiative Committee (CIIP).

The objective was ambitious: to see the birth, in a generation or less, of a federation of African states geopolitically powerful and united economically and militarily. President of the CIIP External Relations Commission, General Mamadou Mansour Seck, former Chief of Staff of the Senegalese Armed Forces and former Ambassador of Senegal to the United States recalls that the approach implemented, in line with the principles developed by Cheikh Anta Diop and Kwame Nkrumah, “took us to start our movement from the bottom up to the top. It’s an old dream that we’re awakening. For that, the populations must be sensitized first so that the governments follow the direction in order to achieve this ultimate objective which will give to Africa the whole sovereignty, political and economic, as well as the respect, "he confides. 

In the process of setting up the CIIP, the influence and diplomacy of Gl Seck were put to the service of the continent. Today, it never fails to recall that this organization is "a movement independent of governments, but from which the latter is not excluded. Fortunately, we already know political leaders who have taken up this cause and who say "Africa must speak with one voice". This is why, as Cheikh Anta Diop predicted, the bottom-up movement from peoples to leaders must be our main action. But let's not neglect the “top-down” movement (from top to bottom) from leaders to people ”, he continues.

Former Minister of Education of Mali, present at the Pre-Congress in Accra, Adama Samassekou defended the importance of starting from the bottom up, in particular by mentioning the need and the urgency of promoting African languages ​​through education from the young age. He regrets the fact that African children are not educated in their mother tongue, while in countries like China, children are educated in their own language.

Under the coordination of Mamadou Mignane Diouf, Senegalese activist, the CIIP had to organize several information and exchange meetings with parliamentarians, civil society organizations, trade union movements and other associations in different countries of the world. Africa. Visits have also been made to

UNITED AFRICAN STATES: Young people lead the way
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Monday, 10 May 2021

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