UNITED AFRICAN STATES: Young people lead the way


Over two hundred young people participated in the pre-congress for the realization of the United African States (UAE) in the space of a generation.

Held in Accra from December 8 to 13, the event welcomed participants from Africa and the diaspora to discuss the way forward to lead the Pan-African Federalist Movement (MFPA) campaign and arrive at an Africa united.

 Most of the young people arrived by caravan by road. But the long days of travel and the road harassment have not worn out their commitment.

If the signs of fatigue were visible on their faces, their determination remained intact Head of the Senegalese delegation to this pre-congress, Birame Basse, commonly known as Ibou, underlines how difficult the trip was.

“Our bus broke down in Kédougou in the middle of the forest, on the border between Senegal and Mali. We had to wait 6 hours to resume our trip. Our motivation was strengthened because we had to come to attend this meeting to get our message out.

We want leaders who are neither financially nor intellectually corrupt, leaders involved in the cause, people who believe in it, ”he insists.

 On the other hand, the caravan of the Burkinabé delegation was able to travel smoothly. Arrived in Accra after two days of travel from Ouagadougou, more than ever convinced that African unity is a necessity, Démé Fatimata, member of the MFPA of Burkina Faso, recalls as a leitmotif:

"Our leaders are part of the dynamics of micro -United. We cannot communicate among Africans about the potential of our different countries because of the borders. " Slender, with a scarf on her head, the young activist thinks that if "Africa wants a common and strong destiny, it must unite, change the policies of governance to move towards federalism.

African businessmen, for example, must unite so that African people no longer have to buy products from outside. "

Political science student at the University of Ghana where the Pan-Africanist pre-congress took place, Arhin Otoo, smiling, confides that seeing young Africans from all over the world to attend the meeting is a sign of 'hope.

"It gives me hope that Africa will unite. MFPA’s approach is different from others. It starts at the bottom and not at the top where we have leaders who don't want to lose any portion of their sovereignty. ”

 Delegations of young people from Central Africa, South Africa, Ivory Coast, Guinea, Mali, Kenya, Tunisia, but also from the Diaspora in Europe, North America, the Caribbean, in the Far East, etc., attended this pre-congress held from December 8 to 13, the first step towards holding the first Pan-African Federalist Congress of the MFPA which will see the installation of an International Preparatory Initiative Committee (CIIP ) for the realization of UAE in the space of a generation.

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Monday, 10 May 2021

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